Interior Finishing

Interior Finishing in Gatineau

DML Distribution believes that interiors reflect the soul of a space. With this in mind, we have curated a diverse range of finishing products that seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with functionality. Every item in our collection is crafted to ensure your spaces speak volumes about elegance and quality.

Versatility in every detail 

Our extensive portfolio boasts everything from intricate moldings and state-of-the-art flooring solutions to decorative touches. Whether your design inclination is modern minimalist, vintage charm, or a fusion of styles, DML Distribution is your trusted partner to realize that vision. And for those unique projects, we’re always ready to tailor-make solutions ensuring your interior resonates with your personal touch.

Expertise at every step 

Navigating the world of interior finishes can be overwhelming. That’s where our seasoned team steps in. From guiding you through product selection to offering in-depth insights on maintenance, we are with you at every juncture of your design journey. Our goal? To simplify decisions and amplify beauty.

A commitment to excellence 

our reputation for quality precedes us. Aligning with DML Distribution means choosing a brand for its dedication to craftsmanship and style in the interior landscape.

Craft your dream interior 

Are you set to transform your space into a visual masterpiece? Explore the world of possibilities with DML Distribution’s interior finishing products and elevate every nook and cranny of your domain.


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